AQHA and ‘B’ shows

Since AQHA has run out of A numbered shows, they have started giving out B numbered shows. The Show # field within Horse Show for Windows is a numeric field and doesn’t allow for characters at all. Back when AQHA started with their A shows we made a change to tell users that the field wouldn’t take the A but would just use the numeric portion and the correct ID would be stored in a new Show ID field.

We probably should have set up that message to come up when you put in any characters but since AQHA had told us they were moving to six digit numeric show IDs, we figured it wasn’t needed. Ah well, now we’ve moved to B numbered shows and we just found out about from a user a few weeks ago – several months after our update was released.

We will eventually get the software on board with the change but you can handle it yourself. In the Show # field, just put the numeric portion of the ID and then in the Show ID field (in between the Appr Assn and the Notes fields), put the full Show ID that was given to you from AQHA. That’s what the software was doing automatically so you can make those adjustments on your own. The program uses that Show ID field to generate the reports and text files so you’ll be all set once you manually make that happen.

Sorry for the inconvenience – one of these days we’ll all be on the same page at the same time!

Additional changes for POAC users

Now that the software has been in use at many POAC shows including the Eastern Classic, we’ve made a few more changes to the software for our POAC users and have posted an update to our website. You can download the update by clicking here. We will also be creating installation CDs and mailing them out to the contact person that we have on file the beginning part of next week.

Some of the changes that have been made:

  • An adjustment to point designation groups of several classes as there was a mis-understanding between us and the POAC national office as to which classes needed to have a designation.
  • The ability to adjust/reset Pts Des for an entry in Back# Mode – this may need to be done in order to clear a Y or N from this field on classes that didn’t really need them but were expecting them in previous versions of the software.
  • The ability to set (and save) restrictions on age of rider, sex of rider, age of horse, sex of horse, height of horse in the Pre-set lists of the Awards | CircuitShow Hi Point Awards | pre-set class lists
  • You can also save the option on how points get rolled up – by back#, back# & rider, rider only, and horse only
    • Currently the ‘horse only’ option is not yet functional – if points are to be rolled up by pony only, you will need to manually add points together for ponies that hold more than one back number;
    • This will eventually be used not only for those awards that are pony oriented at shows but also for year end reports since not all ponies hold the same back number throughout the entire season.
  • We have added the exhibitor and their city/state to the Standings screen so that those who have a computer doing results up with their announcer don’t need to print out the results
We are continuing additional changes to allow for membership tracking (right now, you can check the Member box in the People screen for all members of your local club). We will be adding an eligibility date so that only those who are paid members during the show dates you are tracking will show up on the year-end reports.
Remember that if you are having any trouble, you can contact us through the contact form or 614.348.4558 (text or call) and we are happy to help.

What to send to POAC?

With new software comes changes and, sometimes, confusion!

So, you’ve finished your POAC show and now need to send information to the national office. The yellow sheet that they provide to all show managers has a list of what you need to send back to them but now that new software is in place, some of the items aren’t as straight forward as they used to be since they are still using terminology from the old program.

  • Have the show results been submitted on a poasrr disc: Yes or No – circle Yes since you should be generating the text file that will be sent to POAC. This text file is created from the Association Disk Creation function under the Utilities menu and it should be emailed to the show department email address. The file will be called SHWRSLTxxxxx.TXT (with xxxxx being the first five digits of the Show ID) and will be created in the HrsWin folder or wherever the program is installed.
  • Export disk – this will be the text file mentioned above and can be emailed directly. You can also copy the file onto a jump or stick drive if you want to send it in with your paperwork. Burning it to a CD is also an option.
  • Master Sheet – this will be the Back Number List on the Reports menu; make sure that you check the POAC format so that it includes all the correct information. If you check the box to include Active entries only, any ponies that might have been pre-entered but then didn’t show up won’t be included on that report. Leaving that unchecked will include all the ponies that you have given a back number in that show.
  • Print out of Show results – use the Information for Publication report versus the Results by Class report as it will take up less pages for printing.


2015 update for HSW

A LOT of new stuff has happened to Horse Show for Windows over this past fall/winter.  Many associations added classes and/or made changes to how things are being done for 2015 (some that we just found out about these past few weeks). If we’ve missed any, let us know through our new National Association Information forum.

Trying to better our communications between ourselves, our users and each other, we’ve updated our FAQs and added a Support/Best Practices forum (currently suspended for upgrades until further notice) as well as an HSW Feature Requests section to our website. To keep spam to a minimum, you will have to create a login in order to use these features (for the FAQs you only need to be logged in if you want to ‘like’ or comment on anything). Logins are private, we don’t send you any spam, and they can be setup on our Home page. You can also subscribe to any/all of the forums to keep up with new items as they are added or questions are answered.

And checkout our new facebook page also! Like us there to keep up with what’s going on.

Remember that you need a current license (expiring AFTER 12/01/2015) in order to run v7.91. All those who have already purchased a Maintenance Contract for this year to download the updates should have received new license information. Those who purchased their contract with the mailed option, new manuals and installations CDs will go in the mail shortly. To purchase a new Maintenance Contract, mail us a check for $175 (download) or $225 (mailed) or go to our online ordering page to use a credit card. New license information will be generated in our office and then sent to you once the payment comes through to us.

Please read through the complete list of new features below as there are several things added that users have been asking for. Even if you weren’t the one asking, you may still find it useful!

What’s new for 2015?

  • Continuing Windows 8/7/Vista issue – adding more than one show to database (three dummy shows added to any database that doesn’t have three for 2015 already – don’t delete the dummy show until you have at least three (3) shows of your own in the database)
  • Association updates/rule changes:
    • NRCHA – added new classes; updated judge’s sheets; NEW .xls file of results
    • AQHA – changed class names and category on Ranch Horse Pleasure (now Ranch Riding); updated Novice skill set list to change from what used to match on the membership cards to what now is a printed sheet from AQHA’s website
    • APHA – added new classes; adjusted all classes to require membership for owners; added new relationships; updated results text file to include only the placed entry for Grand/Reserve
    • ApHC – added new classes
    • ABRA – added new classes; fixed issue with Reining judge sheets
    • NRHA – adjusted Open classes to require one of several options for membership
    • AHA – added creation of text file per AHA requirements
    • POAC – new module added with classes, text file, and allowance of one back number per pony/rider versus one back number per horse
  • Won Toss checkbox fixed
  • AQHA judges cards printing issue – some printers had a problem with margins and the cards would not print consistently nor would the overlay of AQHA’s card image print on all pages.
    • Adjusted margins and tested with HP LaserJetP1102w printer
    • Modified AQHA overlay to smaller file so that spooling wouldn’t be as much of a problem
    • Included a PDF of the AQHAJudgeCards for printing over those cards that didn’t include the overlay
  • Statements – added the ability to include entry error messages directly on statement
  • Generic judges cards now allows up to 15 horses to be placed
  • NEW Function – Manual Override of Points (Utilities menu) to allow points that are automatically awarded to an entry to be adjusted. This is especially useful for POAC designated pony/rider and anyone needing additional points to be awarded to Grand/Reserve entries
  • Working Order Draw now allows for draw in order of horse foal date
  • Tax – Allowance for up to five taxes to be applied to any given FeeType
    • Two tax types are automatically added to the database (per specific Canadian user) – edit/remove/add any of your own
    • Adjust any FeeTypes to apply set up taxes (make sure to include All Day Fees if class fees would be taxed)
    • Taxes are applied as fees are applied to a responsible party
    • Taxes are printed after Total fees on Statement
  • Field for Coggins Accession # added to Horse screen and optionally included on Back Number List report
  • Option to check for missing or expired Coggins papers (Maintain System Preferences) upon entry
  • Circuit Awards now allows restriction on age and/or sex of rider
  • Circuit Awards adds an option for # of times an entry has shown throughout the circuit

POAC National Convention – Show Secretary Workshop

The Pony of the Americas Club show secretaries are the newest users of Horse Show for Windows and I spent some time with many of them at the POAC National Convention in Dallas, TX this past weekend.

Other than a handful of experienced show secretaries that have used HSW to run a few POAC shows these past several years, their show secretaries are new to using our software.  We’ve made many adjustments to allow for some of the differences that make up the POAC association:

  • Back# is a pony/rider combination and any pony can have a different rider and therefore holds a different back number;
  • Points system is different based on the type of show that is being held;
  • Classes and hi-points are sometimes restricted on gender of the rider;
  • Restrictions on which pony/rider receives points if the same pony is ridden in different age brackets by different riders.

We spent several hours going over how the software works and what it can do to help out the show as it’s being run.  We also talked about the new information that the national office will be requiring (new class codes, all pony/rider combinations tracked for EVERY class they enter, etc.) to help them move into the future as the association continues to grow.

I am excited to be working with the POAC show secretaries as we bring about new changes to the association.

Training Session for NCQHA

I’m packing up and heading to Raleigh, NC to do a training with several of my users that run shows for the North Carolina Quarter Horse Association.

NCQHA has done a great thing in setting this up.  We’ll be working a full day on best practices for HSW.  We’ll run through AQHA Leveling, payouts, uploading roster/results to AQHA, and general items to make a show run smoother.  I’ll be showing off the new FAQs and Forums that we’ve added to our website that hopefully will get our users ‘talking’ to each other with questions and good ideas.

I also look forward to meeting, in person, the users I have been speaking to for years!


HSW v7.84 for 2014 available now

The update for 2014 is now available for downloading.  Those who purchased new or the mailed Maintenance Contract will be receiving CDs next week.

A service data beyond 12/1/2014 is required so if you haven’t purchased a new Maintenance Contract for 2014, follow the link to the online ordering page to make your purchase.  Once we receive payment, we will generate and send new license information based on your previous purchases.

New for 2014

  • Continuing Windows 8/7/Vista issue – adding more than one show to database (three dummy shows added to any database that doesn’t have three for 2014 already)
  • Rules 2014 – NRCHA updated judge’s sheets and results form
  • Rules 2014 AQHA – added new classes, changed class names (uses RK, L1, L2, and L3 in front of names), added codes for old upload of new classes, Level 3 classes held with other classes prints total entry count of all classes held concurrently on reports, Level 3 classes uses entry count of all classes held concurrently for points
  • Rules 2014 NSBA – updated payout model
  • Payback Report – added ability to generate a PDF instead of preview to print

v7.81 of HSW Available for Direct Download

Now that AQHA has made some decisions regarding their 3.0 data conversion, we have posted our 2013 to the downloads page for direct downloading.  We’ve postponed the adjustment of class entry counts on the leveled classes since they have been suspended for the time being.  We will continue to discuss the needs of both exhibitors and show management before making a decision as to how to display that information and potentially use the total entry count for hi-points.

What’s new for v7.81?

  • Rules 2013 – AQHA new judge cards
  • Association Disk Creation – AQHA – added back the option to create the old file format for uploading

What’s new for v7.80?

  • Rules 2013 – AQHA new classes, leveling, leased horses allowed in all but open classes
  • Rules 2013 – ABRA new classes, score sheets
  • Rules 2013 – NRCHA updated judge’s sheets
  • Reports – Information for Publication – includes DQ’d horses
  • Reports – Back Number List – added Height option
  • Reports – Announcer’s Report/Results by Class – adjusted horse name spacing to allow for longer names

A Conversation with AQHA

We spoke directly with the IT department at AQHA today regarding the decision they made to revert back to their old database until 3.0 is ready.  We talked about the HSW 2013 update (which has gone out to close to 100 show managers so far) that converts their original class codes to the new six digit codes and uses the new file format for roster and results.  They have assured us that they are good with all show managers sending results directly to the show department using those files as they have a conversion program that will take the new format and process it correctly back into their original database.

While HSW will not be going back to the old class codes, over the coming week we will be adding back in the option to create the ROSTERxxxxx.dta and JUDGExxxxx.dta alongside the new files as AQHA will be putting the upload webpage back into play and show results can be processed faster if show managers upload them versus AQHA having to convert and do it themselves.

Show managers can either email the new files to the show department or they can upload the old files as we will be mapping the original class codes from the new ones so the files will be compatible with AQHA.  HSW stays ready for 3.0 but gives AQHA a leg up to get results out to the exhibitors in a timely fashion.