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Last updated March 23, 2022

Please Note: By downloading these files, you agree to the Terms and Conditions that you can read here.

Please make sure you have purchased access for the mobile tools of Horse Show for Windows.

Read through the online documentation to set up the apps for use with your network. 

HSW & Mobile Tools Quick Start Guide

FW Show Helper

FW Show Services

Tap the link below to connect to the App Center and install the app on your Android tablet. Access to outside applications will need to be enabled through the Security area on the tablet.

NOTE: if updating older tablets, you may need to uninstall it first and then install from scratch.

Installation of all the different services to run the judging and gate app, FastAnnounce, and Horse Show Tracker

FW Show Helper App 

(Android Package Kit – apk file – 470KB)

FW Show Services are now being installed with Horse Show for Windows to ensure correct compatibility.