HSW v8.010 Released

A few more items were cleaned up in the newest version of Horse Show for Windows:

  • Added more new APHA classes, updated the Ranch Horse Pleasure, and updated the Performance Halter classes to be included in the Grand/Reserve
  • Fixed issue where Announcer Report was not putting class information when running one class where there were no entries
  • Added small header to top of Announcer Report for subsequent pages of a class
  • Cleaned up date validation for non-US date formats
  • Fixed where first draw on announcer/draw report was missing
  • Fixed issue where show type (for POAC) caused failure to save a show
  • Small fixes for stock horse/VRH entry counts/paybacks

Remember to check the website for the most current version so that you are as up to date as possible when you head to your show.

Initial 2017 Update Now Available

The first 2017 update for Horse Show for Windows is now available for downloading. If you purchased a mailed Maintenance Contract or your a new user since last November, you will receive yours in the mail shortly. See below for the changes that have been made for the new show season.

You need current license information (expiration after 12/1/2017) to run the update. Remember that while new Maintenance Contracts can be purchased 24/7 through the online ordering page of our website, license information is generated manually during our regular business hours. You can also mail us a check for a new contract to the address below.

Update prices remain the same:

$175 to download the software


$225 to have us mail you installation CDs.

As always, check the website for newer updates as your next show approaches to be on the most current version of the software.

What’s New in v8.0?

  • New icon for better viewing (especially on Windows 10)
  • Updated manual with new features
  • Updated Show Wizard
  • Updating Class Information – Leaving abbreviations the user previously set up in place
  • ABRA – Added all new classes and BBP restriction from regular classes
  • APHA – Added Performance halter classes
  • ApHC – Added new W/T classes
  • AQHA – Added L1, L2, etc in abbreviation field
  • AQHA – Changed Novice to L1 in All-Around reporting and divisions
  • AQHA VRH – AQHA VRH classes and all-arounds
  • AQHA VRH/Stock Horse – Pattern maintenance and maneuvers printed on some cards
  • NRCHA – NRCHA judges sheets
  • POAC – POAC Grand/Reserve issue
  • POAC – Updated designated class groups
  • Miscellaneous fixes
  • Entries – by Back Number – Validate button has been added to update any errors if you have fixed issues. Especially helpful for pre-entered shows when you print statements that include error messages.
  • Error Validation – Now verifying missing birth date for any class with age restriction (not just Youth)
  • People – Ability to check all for Level 1 classes in AQHA
  • Report – all Cross Reference reports – Added excel option for all cross reference reports
  • Report – Announcer Rpt – Added abbreviations to list of classes at top
  • Report – Announcer Rpt – fixed printing NO ENTRIES when printing only one class but the “include classes with no entries” is checked
  • Report – Announcer Rpt – Now printing class information header only on first page to get more entries on subsequent pages
  • Report – Back# Report – Added sire/dam option and ability to export to Excel
  • Report – Class Verification – Added Assn Code and Points Model
  • Report – Earnings/Payment by Type – Fixed “invalid floating point” issue
  • Report – Generate HTML for Results – Added Sire/Dam option
  • Report – Show Summary Count – Total to Run on Show Summary Count report showing the total number of entries in a group of concurrent classes
  • Utilities – Switching Entries by… – Cleaned up several places to make sure all correct areas are updated when doing a switch
  • Utilities – System Preferences – Automatically deleting fees if an entry is scratched

App Now Updated with 2016 Congress Information

Sponsored by Tribute Equine Nutrition and in conjunction with the All American Quarter Horse Congress, Horse Show Tracker by FunnWare Development has released its updated app for 2016.

Now available for both Android and iPhone, Horse Show Tracker continues to provide up to the minute information on the AAQHC:

  • Estimated time and locations of classes;
  • Ongoing status of classes;
  • Initial draws and splits;
  • Scores and scratches with timestamp as they are reported;
  • Leaders in scored and timed classes;
  • Final results for each class/go.

New features include:

  • More robust cloud server support for faster response times;
  • Improved error messaging for poor internet connections;
  • Vendor icon for better shopping experience;
  • Support for adjusting text size;
  • Minor bug fixes.

As always, the app provides quick access to:

  • Stall assignments and building/barn maps;
  • Patterns;
  • Useful maps;
  • Special events;
  • News around the fairgrounds;
  • More…

With over 3 million screen views to date, join the thousands of people that are keeping up with Congress no matter where they are!

Just search “horse show tracker” in the App Store or Google Play and download it now.

And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to keep up with any announcements.

Excel export Resolved!

And a few other small clean ups –
  • Files exported to Excel would not open in newer versions of Excel
  • Small clean up fixes on the same back# being put into the show more than once
  • Error report by Responsible party:
    • The responsible parties name (other than the first one) was not printing above each of the horses under them
    • Report now covers entire circuit versus just the working show so you can clean up issues all at once

Thanks for the Testing

We fully appreciate our show managers ability to test the software doing things with it that we might not thing to do!

With the major changes we made to a few sections, our show managers have been using things in ways we weren’t able to test for. A few more small glitches have been cleaned up with v7.994

Please note that we are having issues with the export to Excel (files will open in Excel 2000 and possibly 2003 but not some of the newer versions). We are working on a solution with the third-party vendor that is used for that option and will release another update as soon as we have it resolved.

We didn’t want to continue to delay the release of v7.994 as we are unsure of how long it will take to get this on track.

Thanks for your patience as we work things out.

v7.992 – Additional Statement Issues Cleaned Up

With the massive changes that we made to the way the statements are generated, there were a few more clean up items that were adjusted:

  1. Classes with more than one Go was multiplying the class fees by the number of gos
  2. Fee Types with TACK in them were not printing or adding in correctly

Both of these issues have been fixed and v7.992 has been posted.


A few issues fixed – v7.991 released

A few errors were reported based on some changes we had made in working towards using a different back-end database and getting the statements printing quicker.

  1. Running the Announcer’s Report with the Include classes with no entry box checked – turns out the program was trying to fill the exhibitor’s name too early and since there was no entry (no back# or exhibitor), the system got confused.
  2. Going into Results/Scoring from Entries | Class mode – kicked a data mismatch – locate key error trying to find the class.
  3. Statement not printing (but adding correctly) all items if they were the same (example: two CHECK items were put in – the total for that section would include both checks but it was only printing one of them)

They have all been fixed and the installation file for downloading has been updated so if you had download and installed the program from the web these past two days, you’ll want to go back out and get it again.

v7.991 is what should be running when you are completely updated.

HSW 2016 Update now Available

The 2016 update for Horse Show for Windows is now available for downloading. If you purchased a mailed Maintenance Contract, they will be mailed shortly. See below for the changes that have been made since August of 2015.

Remember that you will need new license information to run the update. Also, remember that while new Maintenance Contracts can be purchased 24/7 through the online ordering page of our website, license information is generated manually in our office so that may not be done until we are at a computer. You can also mail us a check for a new contract to FunnWare Development, 3292 Atlin Ave, Dublin, OH 43017. Prices remain the same: $175 to download the software OR $225 to have us mail you installation CDs.

What’s new for v7.97/v7.98/v7.99?

  • Continuing Windows 7/Vista issue – adding more than one show to database (three dummy shows added to any database that doesn’t have three for 2016 already)
  • NRCHA – updated judges sheets; updated results report for classes with no entries
  • AQHA – updated class codes; added B show option
  • ABRA – updated class codes
  • NRHA – added Associate membership and exclusion from all classes as exhibitor or owner except for Green/Ride & Slide
  • POAC – updated class codes, membership list, horse registration; adjusted point calculation to account for additional halter points; allowed ability to designate exhibitors for specific awards thereby eliminating them from others
  • USEF – adjusted to make sure that the owner that is added to the report is actually the owner that is a USEF member
  • APHA/AHA/AQHA – created horse registration type so that error checking can be done on horses like people (Solid Bred Paint horses who can’t be in regular breed classes (and vice versa); Half/Arabian horses who can’t be in full Arabian classes (and vice versa)
  • Awards – Circuit/Hi-Points – added ability to roll up points by horse regardless of that horse using the same back#
  • Charges – adjusted screen and Statement to sort in showbill order
  • Charges – Statement – optimized queries so report is generated quicker, especially in a network environment
  • Entries – ability to connect a back# to both a horse and an exhibitor and allowing a horse to be connected to more than one back number (with a different exhibitor)
  • Horse/People – added Nationality
  • Reports – Roster for One Show – added sire/dam and breeder information to be included
  • Reports – Information for Publication – added association points to be included
  • Utilities – Purge of membership data by year – new function to clear out membership card types so that new year can start fresh
  • Utilities – Manual update of placing – new function to allow manual adjustment of automatically calculated placings
  • Utilities – Purge horse/people – recreated function to work correctly and allow horses and people who haven’t been used in some time to be removed from the database in one function

What’s new for v7.94/7.95/7.96?

  • POAC – ability to adjust/reset Pts Des for an entry in Back# Mode
  • POAC – adjustment to points designation groups as several were set up needing a designation form that do not need one
  • Awards/Circuit/Pre-set lists – ability to set restrictions on age of rider, sex of rider, age of horse, sex of horse, height of horse.
  • Awards/Circuit/Pre-set lists – ability to save restrictions as above and how the points get rolled up (back#, back#/exhibitor, exhibitor only, horse only (coming soon)) so you don’t have to input them every time
  • Standings screen – added exhibitor and city/state to screen for announcing without having to print report

AQHA and ‘B’ shows

Since AQHA has run out of A numbered shows, they have started giving out B numbered shows. The Show # field within Horse Show for Windows is a numeric field and doesn’t allow for characters at all. Back when AQHA started with their A shows we made a change to tell users that the field wouldn’t take the A but would just use the numeric portion and the correct ID would be stored in a new Show ID field.

We probably should have set up that message to come up when you put in any characters but since AQHA had told us they were moving to six digit numeric show IDs, we figured it wasn’t needed. Ah well, now we’ve moved to B numbered shows and we just found out about from a user a few weeks ago – several months after our update was released.

We will eventually get the software on board with the change but you can handle it yourself. In the Show # field, just put the numeric portion of the ID and then in the Show ID field (in between the Appr Assn and the Notes fields), put the full Show ID that was given to you from AQHA. That’s what the software was doing automatically so you can make those adjustments on your own. The program uses that Show ID field to generate the reports and text files so you’ll be all set once you manually make that happen.

Sorry for the inconvenience – one of these days we’ll all be on the same page at the same time!

Additional changes for POAC users

Now that the software has been in use at many POAC shows including the Eastern Classic, we’ve made a few more changes to the software for our POAC users and have posted an update to our website. You can download the update by clicking here. We will also be creating installation CDs and mailing them out to the contact person that we have on file the beginning part of next week.

Some of the changes that have been made:

  • An adjustment to point designation groups of several classes as there was a mis-understanding between us and the POAC national office as to which classes needed to have a designation.
  • The ability to adjust/reset Pts Des for an entry in Back# Mode – this may need to be done in order to clear a Y or N from this field on classes that didn’t really need them but were expecting them in previous versions of the software.
  • The ability to set (and save) restrictions on age of rider, sex of rider, age of horse, sex of horse, height of horse in the Pre-set lists of the Awards | CircuitShow Hi Point Awards | pre-set class lists
  • You can also save the option on how points get rolled up – by back#, back# & rider, rider only, and horse only
    • Currently the ‘horse only’ option is not yet functional – if points are to be rolled up by pony only, you will need to manually add points together for ponies that hold more than one back number;
    • This will eventually be used not only for those awards that are pony oriented at shows but also for year end reports since not all ponies hold the same back number throughout the entire season.
  • We have added the exhibitor and their city/state to the Standings screen so that those who have a computer doing results up with their announcer don’t need to print out the results
We are continuing additional changes to allow for membership tracking (right now, you can check the Member box in the People screen for all members of your local club). We will be adding an eligibility date so that only those who are paid members during the show dates you are tracking will show up on the year-end reports.
Remember that if you are having any trouble, you can contact us through the contact form or 614.348.4558 (text or call) and we are happy to help.