Horse Show for Windows

FunnWare Development, LTD

Horse Show for Windows was designed to assist individuals and organizations in the scoring, ranking, and management of competition events. Originally created for shows approved by AQHA, it now also supports ABRA, AHA, APHA, ApHC, IBHA, NRHA, NRCHA, NSBA, POAC, PFHA, PHBA, PtHA, USEF, as well as any Open shows you run.

Our entry validation process and top-notch support makes us the leader in equestrian show software. Known reliability with almost 30 years in hundreds of show offices around the world, Horse Show for Windows needs only a computer and a printer to make your horse show more efficient. Installing directly on your computer, HSW can be networked to allow for several people to do data entry within the same show at the same time without requiring internet access.

Our mobile tools include FWShowHelper (judging and gate keeping Android app), FastAnnounce (browser based screen for the announcer/reviewer), and Horse Show Tracker (online web app accessible by any device that can get to the internet at to do entries that feed into the system and post draws and results along with other useful items at the show).

Each season, Horse Show for Windows is used at thousands of shows around the world including:

All AQHA Championship and World Shows, the top 20+ AQHA shows held across the country, APHA World Show, NSBA World Championship Show, PHBA World Show, NRCHA Celebration of Champions, ABRA World Championship Show, All American Buckskin Horse Congress, American Appaloosa Congress, International Reining Festival, & many, many more

System Requirements

Download a demo (free), order demo CD online ($15)
or fill out the form below to have one mailed to you with an invoice ($15)

Basic Package includes (but is not limited to):

  • Program for 10 shows or less per year (upgrade to Business for unlimited shows)
  • Breed of your choice rule checking, All-Arounds, reporting and disk creation function
  • Network capabilities
  • Maintain information on multiple shows
  • Automatic distribution of scores to multiple linked shows
  • Circuit awards by class, division, and/or your own specialized set of classes
  • Can maintain and process results from up to 9 judges per show
  • Entries done throughout the circuit as well as individual show
  • Maintains complete people and horse data files with ability to support multiple exhibitor cards, owner cards, and horse license and registration numbers
  • Prints judges cards (4 on a page) or judges labels with show ID, judge’s name, basic rules
  • Security Log In feature with personal password
  • Maintains multiple go-rounds, selection process to qualify for a set go-round, finals, and composite go-rounds
  • Random working order draw
  • Many, many helpful and informative reports (Rosters, draws, splits, qualifiers, cross-references, missing/invalid information, mailing labels, etc)
  • Reports exported to PDF, RTF, HTML, and some to Excel
  • Financial
    • create detailed statements
    • maintain fee types
    • files class and show charges to responsible party
    • ability to delete paid charges
    • daily Balance report
    • maintain all-day fees
    • summary/cumulated Fee report
  • Calculates All-Around Standings and Circuit Awards
  • Many association approved classes already included (AQHA, ABRA, NRHA, APHA, ApHC, PHBA)
  • Ability to add your own associations and classes

And MUCH, MUCH, more!

Business Package adds:

  • Unlimited shows per year
  • Web page output
  • Payback calculations with your own payout models
  • Check printing/registry
  • Credit to responsible party’s financial statement ties in all class earnings
  • 1099 informational report

Other modules to purchase:

  • Mobile tools (judging and gate keeper tablets, FastAnnounce, and Horse Show Tracker)
  • Additional breeds:
  • Web page output (also included in Business Package)

Download the demoorder demo CD online or fill out the form below to have demo CD mailed to you with an invoice.


Description Price
Horse Show for Windows (Basic Package) $395.00
Business Package $200.00
Mobile pieces Training/Setup fee $495.00
Mobile pieces (judging/gate tablets, Horse Show Tracker, FastAnnounce) based on a three tier structure
See below for pricing
Web Output $75.00
Extra Breed Modules $75.00
Maintenance Contract (download) $175.00
Maintenance Contract (mailed) $225.00


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