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In business since 1987, FunnWare Development, LTD was created to help find fun solutions for a variety of problems while using diverse technologies. We’ve done many things over the years; now concentrating heavily on our Equestrian Division.

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When you work with FunnWare Development, you get quality products and top-notch services from people who understand your needs. We do our best to give you the little extras like annual updates, telephone and E-mail Software Support, and personal service that’s second to none.

From horse show software to membership tracking, let FunnWare Software Development help your organization be the best it can be!

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With our many years of working in the Equine industry, we are uniquely qualified to work with you to create solutions for all your needs.

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We asses your needs, and create a plan that works for your situation.

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Thanks for making HSW the #1 software used by show managers around the world!

“… had me doing a little happy dance! Thank you SO much for such a great program!!”
Leslie Ellins

Show Secretary

“The software did exactly everything we asked it to do with no faults. When we did the financial reconciliation, we balanced to the penny. What a thrill. [They] were totally impressed with us and it’s thanks to you and your great software. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”
Barbara Lamphere

Show Manager, IBHA & APHA

“Support judged Superior!”
Marge Johns

Independent Show Secretary

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New Version for the New Year

It's January and that means an update of Horse Show for Windows for the coming show season. v8.300 of HSW has now been released. We have worked on many things within the software - below are the ones we remembered to note so there are likely other items that you'll...