Since you have the ability to log on to the Internet, your support costs will be significantly lower than those who require postal service. Internet support allows faster access to updates and support and any additional information you may need. FunnWare spends less in printing, postage, and disk creation and we pass that savings on to the user.

Check out the information below on Updates, costs and availability of Technical Support, and purchasing a Maintenance Contract to save money on both.

Updates …
Updates are done periodically and may include changes in classes or regulations by an association, new functions, or fixes to the program. Your yearly Maintenance Contract makes you eligible for all updates during the year of your contract.

Technical Support …
Free technical support is available during your 30 day trial period or up to 30 days from your starting to use the system if you have purchased it during the trial period.

Support is available for all registered users by phone or E-mail. Contact us HERE or (877) 464-8282. By calling or texting our number or providing us with a cell phone, you give consent to FunnWare Development to send text messages related to any support that you may need. (You may reply with STOP to opt out at any time.)

All assistance is billed in quarter hour increments.
Phone support is charged using the time spent on the phone (which may include call backs) and any time spent compiling your request. E-mail fees are based on the time it takes to check out the situation and reply. Errors to the program are never charged against your support time.

Support Rates:

  • Office hours: $75/hour – (Weekdays 8am-5pm EST)
  • After hours: $100/hour – (Weekdays 5pm-10pm EST, weekends 8am-10pm EST)
  • Emergency: $125/hour – (10pm-8am EST)
  • On-call, pre-arranged remote computer support: $250/day

Maintenance Contract …
A yearly Maintenance Contract saves you time and money while allowing your E-mail and phone support to be completed with a minimum of fuss. If you have Internet access the cost is $175.00. Without Internet access, the fee is $225.00 (manual and CD mailed).

Your Maintenance Contract includes:

  • Yearly updates
  • $200 credit toward technical support (see rates above)
  • 50% discount on all support after credit is depleted

Contracts run from the date of purchase to the end of the current year.