A few errors were reported based on some changes we had made in working towards using a different back-end database and getting the statements printing quicker.

  1. Running the Announcer’s Report with the Include classes with no entry box checked – turns out the program was trying to fill the exhibitor’s name too early and since there was no entry (no back# or exhibitor), the system got confused.
  2. Going into Results/Scoring from Entries | Class mode – kicked a data mismatch – locate key error trying to find the class.
  3. Statement not printing (but adding correctly) all items if they were the same (example: two CHECK items were put in – the total for that section would include both checks but it was only printing one of them)

They have all been fixed and the installation file for downloading has been updated so if you had download and installed the program from the web these past two days, you’ll want to go back out and get it again.

v7.991 is what should be running when you are completely updated.