What to send to POAC?

With new software comes changes and, sometimes, confusion!

So, you’ve finished your POAC show and now need to send information to the national office. The yellow sheet that they provide to all show managers has a list of what you need to send back to them but now that new software is in place, some of the items aren’t as straight forward as they used to be since they are still using terminology from the old program.

  • Have the show results been submitted on a poasrr disc: Yes or No – circle Yes since you should be generating the text file that will be sent to POAC. This text file is created from the Association Disk Creation function under the Utilities menu and it should be emailed to the show department email address. The file will be called SHWRSLTxxxxx.TXT (with xxxxx being the first five digits of the Show ID) and will be created in the HrsWin folder or wherever the program is installed.
  • Export disk – this will be the text file mentioned above and can be emailed directly. You can also copy the file onto a jump or stick drive if you want to send it in with your paperwork. Burning it to a CD is also an option.
  • Master Sheet – this will be the Back Number List on the Reports menu; make sure that you check the POAC format so that it includes all the correct information. If you check the box to include Active entries only, any ponies that might have been pre-entered but then didn’t show up won’t be included on that report. Leaving that unchecked will include all the ponies that you have given a back number in that show.
  • Print out of Show results – use the Information for Publication report versus the Results by Class report as it will take up less pages for printing.


5 comments on “What to send to POAC?

  1. How, as a POA show secretary, do add add local classes to a show that are not on the “Master list” of classes. Can I use any 5 digit number? Is it OK to start with 90000, for example?

  2. Any classes not on the POAC master list should be set up as OPEN classes since they aren’t approved by POAC and we don’t want to report them as such.

    You can check out the OPEN classes we have already set up for some of the first shows of the year to see if you are also holding those and can use them. You can also use those as a template to create classes of your own as needed.

    The Listing of Class Codes report from the Reports menu can be printed if you didn’t get a printed list from us at the convention. We tried to use five digit codes along the same lines as the codes for the approved classes so it was easier to make a connection to the POAC approved classes but POAC won’t be using them for anything so you can really use anything you want as long as you use OPEN as the approving association.

  3. Does anyone know the email in which we send the show results/info to at the POAC office?

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