A LOT of new stuff has happened to Horse Show for Windows over this past fall/winter.  Many associations added classes and/or made changes to how things are being done for 2015 (some that we just found out about these past few weeks). If we’ve missed any, let us know through our new National Association Information forum.

Trying to better our communications between ourselves, our users and each other, we’ve updated our FAQs and added a Support/Best Practices forum (currently suspended for upgrades until further notice) as well as an HSW Feature Requests section to our website. To keep spam to a minimum, you will have to create a login in order to use these features (for the FAQs you only need to be logged in if you want to ‘like’ or comment on anything). Logins are private, we don’t send you any spam, and they can be setup on our Home page. You can also subscribe to any/all of the forums to keep up with new items as they are added or questions are answered.

And checkout our new facebook page also! Like us there to keep up with what’s going on.

Remember that you need a current license (expiring AFTER 12/01/2015) in order to run v7.91. All those who have already purchased a Maintenance Contract for this year to download the updates should have received new license information. Those who purchased their contract with the mailed option, new manuals and installations CDs will go in the mail shortly. To purchase a new Maintenance Contract, mail us a check for $175 (download) or $225 (mailed) or go to our online ordering page to use a credit card. New license information will be generated in our office and then sent to you once the payment comes through to us.

Please read through the complete list of new features below as there are several things added that users have been asking for. Even if you weren’t the one asking, you may still find it useful!

What’s new for 2015?

  • Continuing Windows 8/7/Vista issue – adding more than one show to database (three dummy shows added to any database that doesn’t have three for 2015 already – don’t delete the dummy show until you have at least three (3) shows of your own in the database)
  • Association updates/rule changes:
    • NRCHA – added new classes; updated judge’s sheets; NEW .xls file of results
    • AQHA – changed class names and category on Ranch Horse Pleasure (now Ranch Riding); updated Novice skill set list to change from what used to match on the membership cards to what now is a printed sheet from AQHA’s website
    • APHA – added new classes; adjusted all classes to require membership for owners; added new relationships; updated results text file to include only the placed entry for Grand/Reserve
    • ApHC – added new classes
    • ABRA – added new classes; fixed issue with Reining judge sheets
    • NRHA – adjusted Open classes to require one of several options for membership
    • AHA – added creation of text file per AHA requirements
    • POAC – new module added with classes, text file, and allowance of one back number per pony/rider versus one back number per horse
  • Won Toss checkbox fixed
  • AQHA judges cards printing issue – some printers had a problem with margins and the cards would not print consistently nor would the overlay of AQHA’s card image print on all pages.
    • Adjusted margins and tested with HP LaserJetP1102w printer
    • Modified AQHA overlay to smaller file so that spooling wouldn’t be as much of a problem
    • Included a PDF of the AQHAJudgeCards for printing over those cards that didn’t include the overlay
  • Statements – added the ability to include entry error messages directly on statement
  • Generic judges cards now allows up to 15 horses to be placed
  • NEW Function – Manual Override of Points (Utilities menu) to allow points that are automatically awarded to an entry to be adjusted. This is especially useful for POAC designated pony/rider and anyone needing additional points to be awarded to Grand/Reserve entries
  • Working Order Draw now allows for draw in order of horse foal date
  • Tax – Allowance for up to five taxes to be applied to any given FeeType
    • Two tax types are automatically added to the database (per specific Canadian user) – edit/remove/add any of your own
    • Adjust any FeeTypes to apply set up taxes (make sure to include All Day Fees if class fees would be taxed)
    • Taxes are applied as fees are applied to a responsible party
    • Taxes are printed after Total fees on Statement
  • Field for Coggins Accession # added to Horse screen and optionally included on Back Number List report
  • Option to check for missing or expired Coggins papers (Maintain System Preferences) upon entry
  • Circuit Awards now allows restriction on age and/or sex of rider
  • Circuit Awards adds an option for # of times an entry has shown throughout the circuit