The Pony of the Americas Club show secretaries are the newest users of Horse Show for Windows and I spent some time with many of them at the POAC National Convention in Dallas, TX this past weekend.

Other than a handful of experienced show secretaries that have used HSW to run a few POAC shows these past several years, their show secretaries are new to using our software.  We’ve made many adjustments to allow for some of the differences that make up the POAC association:

  • Back# is a pony/rider combination and any pony can have a different rider and therefore holds a different back number;
  • Points system is different based on the type of show that is being held;
  • Classes and hi-points are sometimes restricted on gender of the rider;
  • Restrictions on which pony/rider receives points if the same pony is ridden in different age brackets by different riders.

We spent several hours going over how the software works and what it can do to help out the show as it’s being run.  We also talked about the new information that the national office will be requiring (new class codes, all pony/rider combinations tracked for EVERY class they enter, etc.) to help them move into the future as the association continues to grow.

I am excited to be working with the POAC show secretaries as we bring about new changes to the association.