The 2016 update for Horse Show for Windows is now available for downloading. If you purchased a mailed Maintenance Contract, they will be mailed shortly. See below for the changes that have been made since August of 2015.

Remember that you will need new license information to run the update. Also, remember that while new Maintenance Contracts can be purchased 24/7 through the online ordering page of our website, license information is generated manually in our office so that may not be done until we are at a computer. You can also mail us a check for a new contract to FunnWare Development, 3292 Atlin Ave, Dublin, OH 43017. Prices remain the same: $175 to download the software OR $225 to have us mail you installation CDs.

What’s new for v7.97/v7.98/v7.99?

  • Continuing Windows 7/Vista issue – adding more than one show to database (three dummy shows added to any database that doesn’t have three for 2016 already)
  • NRCHA – updated judges sheets; updated results report for classes with no entries
  • AQHA – updated class codes; added B show option
  • ABRA – updated class codes
  • NRHA – added Associate membership and exclusion from all classes as exhibitor or owner except for Green/Ride & Slide
  • POAC – updated class codes, membership list, horse registration; adjusted point calculation to account for additional halter points; allowed ability to designate exhibitors for specific awards thereby eliminating them from others
  • USEF – adjusted to make sure that the owner that is added to the report is actually the owner that is a USEF member
  • APHA/AHA/AQHA – created horse registration type so that error checking can be done on horses like people (Solid Bred Paint horses who can’t be in regular breed classes (and vice versa); Half/Arabian horses who can’t be in full Arabian classes (and vice versa)
  • Awards – Circuit/Hi-Points – added ability to roll up points by horse regardless of that horse using the same back#
  • Charges – adjusted screen and Statement to sort in showbill order
  • Charges – Statement – optimized queries so report is generated quicker, especially in a network environment
  • Entries – ability to connect a back# to both a horse and an exhibitor and allowing a horse to be connected to more than one back number (with a different exhibitor)
  • Horse/People – added Nationality
  • Reports – Roster for One Show – added sire/dam and breeder information to be included
  • Reports – Information for Publication – added association points to be included
  • Utilities – Purge of membership data by year – new function to clear out membership card types so that new year can start fresh
  • Utilities – Manual update of placing – new function to allow manual adjustment of automatically calculated placings
  • Utilities – Purge horse/people – recreated function to work correctly and allow horses and people who haven’t been used in some time to be removed from the database in one function

What’s new for v7.94/7.95/7.96?

  • POAC – ability to adjust/reset Pts Des for an entry in Back# Mode
  • POAC – adjustment to points designation groups as several were set up needing a designation form that do not need one
  • Awards/Circuit/Pre-set lists – ability to set restrictions on age of rider, sex of rider, age of horse, sex of horse, height of horse.
  • Awards/Circuit/Pre-set lists – ability to save restrictions as above and how the points get rolled up (back#, back#/exhibitor, exhibitor only, horse only (coming soon)) so you don’t have to input them every time
  • Standings screen – added exhibitor and city/state to screen for announcing without having to print report