When I print results or awards, I don’t see each individual judge in the split/combined or double judged show.

A few things can cause this to happen.

If you added your subsidiary shows after entries were done to the dummy master show, results records wouldn’t have been created for them. Using the Reset Results Records function from the Utilities menu will create those results records. Then go back into Results/Scoring and re-enter the results.

If judges were changed or not in your subsidiary shows, results may not have been mapped correctly to the subsidiaries. To see if the placings were correctly mapped out, go to Results/Scoring and call up a class…click the Standings button…in the top left of the screen, you should see a ‘Select show:’ box with the master and all subsidiary shows…click on each of the subsidiaries to see if there are placings or if those classes show as NP (not placed). If you see NP’s in all the subsidiary shows, you will need to reset the judges for the show. Once you have fixed the judges, return to Results/Scoring and reset the standings by clicking the Results button and, without changing any of the results, follow through until you are back to the main Results/Scoring screen (for Ranked classes, step through how many horses are ranked, the scratching horses box, and then click ‘Ok’; for Scored and Timed classes, click ‘Back to menu’). This will update the results records with clean standings.

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