What are the FW Services and why do I care?

Upon initial installation of HSW, all the FW Services will be installed and set to start up automatically. They connect the HSW database to the tablets for gate keeping and judging, to FastAnnounce for quick announcing, and to Horse Show Tracker for online entries, draws, and results. They are turned off and on as needed through HSW. FWMonitor is designed to show the status of all the other services and allows stopping/starting.

Icons are created to pull FW Monitor up directly as well as FastAnnounce on the main computer.

If FWMonitor does not appear to be running, click your Windows icon, type Services and click open to pull up the Windows Services application. Listed alphabetically, you can scroll down to find the four FW services as noted below. The status of each as well as the ability to start and stop them is available.

FWMonitor – runs through port 7000 in a browser (ip address : 7000); shows status of all other services and allows stopping/starting

FWShowServer – connects the HSW Access database to the tablets, FastAnnounce and the Tracker

FWTrackerFeeder – connects the HSW Access database to Horse Show Tracker

FWFastAnnounce – allows the running of FastAnnounce on the 5000 port

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