How do I use more than one computer at the same time to run my shows?

Horse Show for Windows is a fully networkable program. As the back-end database is currently Microsoft Access, there are a few limitations. Size can’t go over 2G (extremely rare for our users) and the number of computers actively writing to the database should not exceed four/five or you’ll start seeing major speed issues.

The software itself only needs to be loaded on one computer. The database also sits on that computer usually in the same directory as the program. The directory is then shared across the network allowing all users complete access. Sharing the folder is done easily through Windows Explorer (watch a video to see how it’s done on Windows XP or Vista/Windows 7).

Networking can be done any number of ways. Peer-to-peer is generally easiest with two computers, where the computers are connected directly to each other with a cable. With more than two computers, a router is the better way to go where the computer with the program and database is connected to the router as well as any other computers in the network.

Wireless networking is NOT recommended for any database program and all computers that will be writing to the HSW database should be hard-wired. Wireless connections are prone to drops and if the network has dropped while HSW is writing to the database, data may be lost and the potential for corruptions is high.

Once the folder is shared and the network is up and running, secondary computers will access HSW through the network. An icon on the desktop of the secondary computers can be setup for direct usage (watch a video to see how it’s done on Windows XP or Vista/Windows 7).

Printers can be connected to the network itself (also wired into the router) or connected to each individual computer. HSW uses the Windows printing capabilities so if your printer is accessible through Windows, it should also be accessible through HSW. You can change access to the printer from any Printer Setup box in any of the report restriction screens.

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