How do I best set up an NRCHA show with multiple works per class?

  1. Enter each class to the show with the correct payout information;
  2. Under each class, create one Go per work and use the ‘Name this go’ field (1st Go is named Herd, 2nd Go is named Rein, etc.);
  3. Make sure to also create a Composite Go (C) which will combine all the scores from previous gos in that class;
    1. Go C will be awarded 100% of the purse while the other gos will be awarded 0% of the purse.

All entries are automatically entered into Go 1.  To qualify all those entrants into each subsequent Go you can let the program do it automatically (go to Results/Scoring and call up that class and Go…if the horses have not yet been qualified, you will get a message offering to qualify all the horses from Go 1 and run a draw on them) or you can manually qualify all the horses using the Select Qualifier function from the Utilities menu.

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