Thank you

We appreciate your business…and welcome you to our ever growing list of users.

License information is not automatically generated but done in our office based on the modules you have purchased and the name the software will be licensed to. If you have purchased the software outside of our regular business hours (9-5 EST; Monday-Friday), please be patient as we don’t have immediate access to generate your license. We will do our best to get it to you as soon as possible.

Also note that the purchaser isn’t the name that the software is to be licensed to (or is the current licensee), please send us a note (click Contact us above) and let us know the actual name for licensing.

If you are an international user, please let us know the date format that your computer is set to by sending us a note (click Contact us above). This is important when we generate license information to make sure we are setting up registration codes that are compatible with your computer. The order in which the month, day and year are key as well as the character that separates them. Here in the US, our date format is usually mm/dd/yyyy.

If you have purchased the software for the first time, a package will be prepared and mailed to you with an installation CD and a printed manual.  If you want us to email you license information to turn your demo into a live version sooner, click Contact us above, let us know and we will email the license information once it is generated.

Thanks again for your purchase.