2013 brings many changes for those running AQHA shows – new class codes, leveling, different format for roster and judge files. The new version will be posted shortly after the new year – if you have a show sooner, contact us directly and we can get it to you.  You will need a current Maintenance Contract expiring in 2013 so most users will need to update.  Hit the Online Ordering page to get that paid and we will generate new license information for you and send it on.

If you are holding the leveled classes together, make sure you use the 06 of the class instead of the regular 00 class for the Open of the set so it places the class correctly.  For example – if you are holding Yearling Mares (originally 1054) for both Open and Intermediate at the same time, you would add 105406 and 105403 to your show and set them up to run concurrently (Held With of whichever one you list on the showbill first).  If you hold them separately, you’d use 105400 and 105403 and leave them as held with themselves.  The 06 of each of the classes has a new flag set that it’s the Open of a leveled set so that it doesn’t re-place the class with only just the horses entered into the Open class but uses the actual position on the judge’s card as the place.

And right now, the files that it generates are tab delimited roster and judge files – don’t know if AQHA can read them properly yet or if that format is exactly what they want in the end as the IT people have been busy and not given us the actual specs of the file they want.  The data is all there with the new stuff but the format of the file may not be what they require in the end.  When we get that information from them, we’ll post another update.