The update for 2014 is now available for downloading.  Those who purchased new or the mailed Maintenance Contract will be receiving CDs next week.

A service data beyond 12/1/2014 is required so if you haven’t purchased a new Maintenance Contract for 2014, follow the link to the online ordering page to make your purchase.  Once we receive payment, we will generate and send new license information based on your previous purchases.

New for 2014

  • Continuing Windows 8/7/Vista issue – adding more than one show to database (three dummy shows added to any database that doesn’t have three for 2014 already)
  • Rules 2014 – NRCHA updated judge’s sheets and results form
  • Rules 2014 AQHA – added new classes, changed class names (uses RK, L1, L2, and L3 in front of names), added codes for old upload of new classes, Level 3 classes held with other classes prints total entry count of all classes held concurrently on reports, Level 3 classes uses entry count of all classes held concurrently for points
  • Rules 2014 NSBA – updated payout model
  • Payback Report – added ability to generate a PDF instead of preview to print