Download Member Ease

Member Ease

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Member Ease (AQHA) – 38MB

Member Ease (APHA) – 38MB

Member Ease (ABRA) – 11MB

Member Ease (ApHC) – 38MB

Manual for Member Ease – 548KB (PDF)

When you download the demo file, you will need to extract all the files needed for installation.

The default directory that the setup files are put is C:TempMemberEase. You will want to ‘unzip’ the files and then run Setup from that directory to continue the installation of Member Ease.

After installation if running Windows 7, 8, or 10; there are security issues that may prevent Member Ease from running properly.  This can be fixed by following these steps after installation of Member Ease.

Before running Member Ease do the following steps:

  1. Go to Start – Computer OR Open the Libraries folder on the Task Bar
  2. Double Click on C:
  3. Double Click on Program Files (x86) folder
  4. Right mouse button click once on the Member Ease folder
  5. Select Properties from the menu
  6. Click on the Security Tab
  7. Click on the Edit button below the group or user names
  8. In the group or user names; Select Users(. . .) which should be below the Administrators
  9. With Users(. . . ) still highlighted click and check mark on Full Control.
  10. Click on the Apply Button then Ok’s button until you exit out.
  11. Now you should be able to run Member Ease.

Member Ease may ask for a data base to connect to.  In C:\Program Files (x86)\Member Ease\ select ME_data.