We spoke directly with the IT department at AQHA today regarding the decision they made to revert back to their old database until 3.0 is ready.  We talked about the HSW 2013 update (which has gone out to close to 100 show managers so far) that converts their original class codes to the new six digit codes and uses the new file format for roster and results.  They have assured us that they are good with all show managers sending results directly to the show department using those files as they have a conversion program that will take the new format and process it correctly back into their original database.

While HSW will not be going back to the old class codes, over the coming week we will be adding back in the option to create the ROSTERxxxxx.dta and JUDGExxxxx.dta alongside the new files as AQHA will be putting the upload webpage back into play and show results can be processed faster if show managers upload them versus AQHA having to convert and do it themselves.

Show managers can either email the new files to the show department or they can upload the old files as we will be mapping the original class codes from the new ones so the files will be compatible with AQHA.  HSW stays ready for 3.0 but gives AQHA a leg up to get results out to the exhibitors in a timely fashion.